Australia Modifies Its Settlement Grants Program

U.S. VisaWith the aim to improve the delivery of assistance to humanitarian entrants, skilled and family migrants, Australia’s Settlement Grant Program (SGP) shall modify the funding scheme of the projects that it supports. With this change, financial support is no longer delivered to individual projects. Instead, this will focus more on how the services are delivered.

Settlement Grants Program explained

SGP is primarily created to help new settlers to easily adjust in Australia upon their arrival. This institution plans to help individuals to become stronger and more independent while inside the country. Their easy integration is likewise considered, very beneficial to the growth of the Australian economy.


Who are covered by SGP?

SGP specifically caters to the following group of individuals:

  • Humanitarian entrants
  • Family migrants with low English proficiency
  • Dependents of skilled migrants located in rural and areas characterized by their poor English proficiency
  • Carefully selected holders of the Australian partner visa, Australian prospective marriage visa, Provisional Spouse and Provisional Interdependency visa, to be more specific, those who have low English proficiency and have been staying in Australia for five (5) years, are also covered by SGP.

Services covered by SGP

The primary activities covered by SGP revolve around casework/ coordination and delivery of services. When performing casework, the institution extensively identifies the urgent needs of concerned individuals in order to better serve them.

SGP is also responsible for coordinating with specific communities that would help these individuals develop their social skills.

Since many of these migrants, most especially those who are granted with refugee status, are under the youth sector, SGP sees to it that they can easily adopt to the Australian life.

Lastly, SGP ensures that ethno-specific communities are duly supported and assisted. The agency must see to it that these groups are self-sustaining.

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