Australian Fiance Visa

Australian Fiance Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa for your precious

Fiance VisaAustralia citizens who have finally met the love of their lives can bring their fiancé/e home through a Prospective Marriage Visa.

The fiancée visa, as it is more commonly known, allows the Australian citizen, or a lawful permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen permanently residing in the country, to marry their alien sweethearts in Australian soil.

Proof of their relationship

The couple planning to marry in Australia must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  2. The couple must be legally free to marry, without any legal impediment
  3. The couple must be over eighteen years old
  4. The couple must have met personally at least once before filing the application for the Prospective Marriage Visa
  5. There must be sufficient proof that the relationship of the couple set to marry is bona fide
  6. The marriage must be scheduled within nine (9) months after the issuance of the visa
  7. The health requirements as set forth by the law must be met by the applicant
  8. The applicant must of good moral character
  9. The applicant must have no prior criminal record
  10. The sponsor must possess good financial standing, and capable to support the financial needs of the applicant without recourse to public funds.

Proof of their relationship

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires the couple to submit an official statement, declaration, or letter of how they met, as well as other circumstances relative to their planned marriage in the country. The marriage plans, how they plan to financially support each other. This serves as basis for the DIAC to determine the true nature and intent of the couple.

Thus, it is imperative to convince the DIAC of the legitimacy of the relationship and the planned marriage.

Manila Visa can assist the couple in drafting the necessary documents in order to prove that their proposed or planned marriage is valid and real.

Not a permanent migrant visa

The prospective marriage visa is not a permanent migrant visa, but merely a temporary visa which permits the applicant to enter the country for a limited period, in order to marry the Australian sponsor. Upon issuance of the visa, the couple is given a limited period of nine (9) months to marry each other in the country.

Never resort to a Visitor Visa

In some instances, impatient applicants usually resort to applying for a Visitor Visa, instead of filing for the Prospective Marriage Visa. They often think that the processing time for the Visitor Visa is shorter and simpler than the Prospective Marriage Visa.

However, this is a wrong notion since there is a possibility of outright denial if an applicant who is qualified for a fiancé/e visa decides to apply for a visitor visa instead.

If the immigration officer discovers that the main purpose of the applicant applying for a Visitor Visa upon entering Australia is to marry the Australian sweetheart, there would be a legal presumption that the applicant will not depart Australia upon the lapse of the period of stay in the country.

If this is the case, it would be very difficult to overcome this presumption. Thus, the applicant is highly recommended to truthfully file for an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa.

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