What happens after my K1 fiancé enters the United States on their K visa?

U.S. Visa: What to doAfter your fiancée enters the United States, the both of you will have 90 days to get married. Upon your marriage, you will have to file an adjustment of status petition for your new spouse.

The following documents are required for an adjustment of status petition.

Your Thai fiancé needs to submit the following when applying for permanent resident status:

  • Completed I-485 Petition for Adjustment of Status
  • Proof of identity including passport, birth certificates, and name changes
  • Proof of entry in K-1 status and approval of the K-1 petition
  • Evidence of valid marriage
  • Evidence of termination of previous marriages, if any
  • Medical certificate
  • Supporting evidence of marriage relationship
  • Passport photos

The United States citizen needs to provide the following:

  • Completed Affidavit of Support with tax returns, pay check stubs, and financial documents
    Proof of identity and U.S. Citizenship
  • Evidence of termination of previous marriages, if any
  • The Adjustment of Status Petition will take approximately five to six months after the initial filing of the case.


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