UK Visa Philippines

UK VisaIf you are planning a trip to experience the United Kingdom whether for a short trip, official business, or settlement, our expert team of immigration specialists at Manila Visa would be the best people to assist you. We offer the following packages to ensure a problem free UK visa application: UK Visitor Visa, UK Fiancee Visa, UK Spouse Visa, UK Family Visitor Visa, UK Business Visa, and UK Student Visa.

UK Visitor Visa

The UK Visitor Visa enables you to visit the United Kingdom as a tourist for a period of six months. This visa type may be a single or multiple entry visa, and will be granted on the basis of your capability to fund your trip and your strong ties to the Philippines. If you would are planning to apply for a UK Visitor Visa with the aid of a sponsor, he/ she must be able to meet certain legal and financial requirements for the visa application.

UK Fiance/e Visa

The UK Fiance/e Visa allows you to marry your significant other in the United Kingdom within six (6) months of his/ her arrival in the country. The approval of this visa is subject to meeting certain requirements that would verify the genuineness of your ongoing relationship with your future spouse.

UK Spouse/ Partner Visa

This visa type is granted to married couples and domestic partners who intend to live in the United Kingdom. As a marriage visa, the UK Spouse Visa would enable your partner to work in the country and enjoy the same benefits of a permanent resident.

UK Family Visit Visa

To be able to qualify for a Family Visit Visa, you must either be the spouse, unmarried partner, or child (under the age of 18) of the main visa applicant. Exceptions may be considered for children over the age of 18 but in restricted circumstances, hence the need for expert immigration assistance.

UK Business Visa

If you are ready to settle in the United Kingdom for the purpose of establishing and managing a business, this visa type is for you. You should be able to invest a minimum amount of £200,000 to qualify for the UK Business Visa. You may also be able to apply for your spouse and children to accompany you as dependants for this visa, and eventually be considered for naturalization as British citizens.

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