How Soon Can I Re Apply For My Denied US Tourist Visa

U.S. Visa
There are no limits with regards to the number of US tourist visa re-application that an intending visitor can submit. As long as they have sufficient funds to pay the embassy fee, there is no problem with the re-application. But the biggest question often confronted by applicants is how soon can they lodge a new application?

The significant change

Applicants may actually file a new visa request the new day. Unlike the Schengen visa, denied visitors need to wait for six (6) long months before they can submit a new one. But in as far as the US tourist visa is concerned, the best practice is to really wait until there is the so-called “significant change” in the applicant’s personal circumstance.


Significant change pertains to an occurrence of an event or situation that readily impacted the personal life of the visa applicant.

To better illustrate this matter, here is a hypothetical scenario. Anna’s US tourist visa application was denied last 2006. She was then working as the editor of a new magazine when she lodged the application.

Three (3) months after her denial, Anna inherited her grandmother’s properties and businesses. She decided to leave her job to focus on her new business. Afterward, she submitted a new application and her application was approved.

The sudden and unexpected change in Anna’s life played an important role in securing her approval. First, it ensured that she has sufficient funds to support her stay. Second, her business served as yet another reason for her to return in the Philippines. In other words, she was able to present new evidence to strengthen her application.

But since not everybody is not as lucky as Anna, what other significant change can an individual present?

To determine this change, one should review their past circumstance by the time that they lodged an application. For example, if the applicant was unemployed during the previous visa request, a re-application is best done after the intending visitor has secured a stable job and has been regularized.

The important reminder

Always remember this, indeed, there is no time frame observed. Yet, unless consular officers see something new in the application, issuing an approval can be pretty difficult.


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