K1 Fiancee Visa: Child Support

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My fiance and I have an odd problem and are now trying to find out if it is legally possible. He is an American citizen and he applied a petition for K1 Fiancee Visa two years ago. My fiancee has a child from his previous marriage and he had failed to pay the required amount of child support.

He does have a better job now but pays 50% of what he earns to his ex-wife for child support. During the initial checks for K1 Fiancee Visa there was a court trial that put my fiancee on probation and fined $90,000. He is now paying it off. He was told that he can rid himself of this problem only by settling all the money at once, which would be very difficult.

About the Child Support

If the terms of his probation is that he has to have settled the amount before you can get a K1 fiancee visa, then it will affect your interview if he has not settled the outstanding amount. If, however, you do enter the United States and file for an adjustment of status, he would need to prove that he has sufficient income to support you and his child/children. It is best to see a lawyer about the situation.


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